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You may have heard Francis Bacon's saying 'Knowledge is power' and we sure gain a fair amount of knowledge from what we read. However, there are different periods in our lives when we don't always have bucket loads of time to read several books in a limited number of weeks and one of these times is during pregnancy and the postnatal period!


How often have you heard "Oh, you've just GOT to read this book, that book.. or several books..!' and found yourself thinking 'How on Earth am I going to fit in ONE of these, let alone several?!'

The aim of the 'books' section on my website is to provide you with my personal thoughts on the books I've read, the ones I recommend to my clients, the ones which I strongly believe would have gone a way in helping me navigate pregnancy and early motherhood in a more confident way, had I had the times to read them myself at that point! 

The Postnatal Depletion Cure
by Dr Oscar Serrallach
Dr Oscar Serrallach (Dr. O. S) has written this book in four key parts. Below are a number of the key elements I took away from each of these to give you a sense of how this book can help you personally. I hope that should you find these points helpful, you may get the book yourself and gain even more benefit from Dr. O. S's experience and expertise.
Part I - Defining Postnatal Depletion:
In this section of his book Dr. O. S explains what Postnatal Depletion is and what it isn't. He explains the difference between 'depletion' and 'depression' which is such an important subject to recognise and one which many people are unaware of. Dr. O. S explains that : (p.4)"Postnatal depletion is a constellation of symptoms affecting all spheres of a mother's life after she gives birth." There are a number of things at play with regards to postnatal depletion and Dr.S mentions that there are three main factors at play (p.5): "Nutrients, bone-gnawing exhaustion and social isolation."
Society today, especially in our current  gl
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