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Today my husband and I dropped our daughter off at nursery for the first time since lockdown and she was SO excited! She came to wake us up this morning by telling us that it was today! What she would get up to, who she would see, what she would play with, the snacks she would have… She barely took a breath!

Why was she excited and not afraid?

She had the knowledge she needed to feel safe, looked after, respected, listened to, cared for by people around her who she trusts, she knew what her options would be throughout her day and knew who to ask if she needed help or more support at any stage.

Hmm, this sounds similar to what a woman needs in labour and birth… so why are so many of us reaching labour and birth with more fear and less excitement nowadays?

Why aren’t we, as a western society, more excited about giving birth to our babies who we have spent several months growing and looking forward to meeting? If you’re currently expecting and aren’t feeling as excited as you’d like to feel, do get in touch to hear more about how my course and I can help!

What was I was afraid of before my husband and I followed a birth preparation course using KG Hypnobirthing? A number of things starting with the words ‘What if…’ However, after completing the course, we had the answers to all these ‘What if’ questions and were able to feel more relaxed and excited about meeting our baby instead of worried about it, about something we had no knowledge of before getting pregnant because why would you need to know about it all before it concerns you really?!

I’m currently excited about starting a course with a couple in the morning in person again :) - In their garden - my first non zoom course for months… 🤗

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