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Parental leave and pay alone are not sufficient
in order to effectively support women, their partners and their employers
during this huge transitional time in their lives, and careers. 

"84% of employers feel it is in the interests of their business to support pregnant women and those on maternity leave."

Equality and Human Rights Commission

The long term cost of perinatal depression, anxiety and psychosis in the UK is £8.1 billion per year, the equivalent of £10,000 for every single birth with the majority of the cost being due to adverse impacts on the child."

The British Psychological Society

"There is strong evidence linking parental mental health and the long term development of children."


IPSOS Mori and The Royal Foundation

It's no secret that the recruitment, retention and wellbeing of people is vitally important for an organisation's productivity and our overall economy, as well as the fact that a happy workforce makes for a happier and more productive working environment. 


The inclusion of bump & glide sessions within existing employee benefit policies is a sure way of improving, strengthening and securing the overall talent pipeline.

By offering comprehensive physical, emotional and mental support sessions at such a pivotal time in a woman's life and career, employers will be giving women the resilience and structure they need to tackle issues as they arise, rather than picking up the pieces, once it’s too late.

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