tool kits

In 2021, maternity leave and maternity pay alone are no longer sufficient in supporting women and their partners effectively. 

Equality and Human Rights Commission research reports that 84% of employers feel it is in the interests of their business to support pregnant women and those on maternity leave.

bump & glide 'tool kits' enhance what companies currently offer in terms of employee benefits. The tool kits provide crucial support to protect women's physical, mental and emotional wellbeing throughout their pregnancy, maternity leave and return to work journey.

What are the benefits?

At a time when recruitment and retention of your most talented employees is so important, the inclusion of bump & glide tool kits in your employee benefits is a sure way of improving and securing your talent pipeline.

By offering the right physical, emotional and mental support at such a pivotal time in a woman's life and career, employers will be giving women the resilience and the support structure they need to tackle issues as they arise, rather than picking up the pieces once it’s too late.


Every woman deserves this standard level of care.

Get in touch to discuss how a bespoke package would work within your company culture and ways of working thus supporting both you as a company and employees alike.

To employers

  • Improved communication channels

  • Employees who feel fully supported, valued and respected

  • Fully motivated and focused members of staff upon their return

  • Increased employee retention and satisfaction

  • Positive company image, showing an awareness of the importance of this transitional time

To employees

  • Physical, emotional and mental support at a pivotal time in their life, and career

  • Regular contact with bump & glide 

  • Increased motivation and confidence

  • Feeling of inclusion, at a time when employees can quickly feel excluded