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Through her own lived experience, Serena Williams founded bump & glide Ltd, following the realisation that the support available for mothers and organisations is severely lacking in our society around the perinatal time.

Serena Williams, Mother, Communications, Wellbeing and Mental Health support

Serena Williams (she/her/hers), Founder of bump & glide Ltd is a Communications Professional, Maternity Mentor, Mental Health First Aider and an Award-winning Perinatal Educator based in the New Forest, Hampshire. 


Following a successful 12 year career working in the corporate world, both in the U.K and in France, Serena found that the support career women and businesses receive perinatally is severely lacking. She saw a gap in the market and and went on to create comprehensive sessions for both individuals and organisations with a clear focus on the communication and wellbeing aspects of such a pivotal time in people's careers and businesses retention programmes. 

The support that bump & glide Ltd provides is instrumental in ensuring expectant and new parents feel heard, respected and cared for, and that organisations have a clear supportive structure in place during a time of pivotal transition for all involved.

Over the past 20 years, Serena’s rich and diverse experience in Communication and Human Resources roles, in addition to her own lived experience of pregnancy birth and motherhood over the past eight and half years and her ongoing research into this space, has provided her with the knowledge, know-how and skill set to effectively support employers and their employees during such a pivotal time in their lives and careers, both personally and professionally. 


Serena’s upbeat positive problem-solving attitude, passion, empathy, dedication and belief in the positive outcomes that can stem from life transitions, drives her to positively impact people’s and organisations' experience of what can be a hugely challenging time for all involved.

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