The idea for bump & glide came about after the realisation that there is so much information and care to support babies but nowhere near enough for women at such a life, and career-changing time in their lives.

After the birth of my two children, who are eighteen months apart, I realised that there's a whole group of people out there who just aren't getting the support and care they need at a time when they need it most: Mothers and it really is time for change in this area. 

Carrying and growing a baby, giving birth, then caring for that gorgeous but demanding little human 24/7, takes time, energy as well as physical, mental and emotional resources from the mother. Time, energy and resources which need to be replenished, and yet society today wrongly portrays that the most important thing after having a baby is to 'shift that baby weight', 'get back into those skinny jeans' and to just well, 'get on with it'. 

I became a mother for the first time nearly 6 years ago now and practised KG Hypnobirthing techniques during both my first and subsequent labour. Following the births however, I felt let down by the support available postnatally. I had that feeling of 'I wish someone had told me...', 'Why is nobody listening' and 'Why didn't anyone check this before..', in the weeks and months that followed.

I have been amazed, confused, upset and frustrated about the fact that women are being let down at such a pivotal time in their lives, and careers. My strongest emotion now though is passion. I am, and have always been, passionate about people, helping people and I'm now dedicating my time and energy to improving how women and their partners experience the entrance into parenthood and how employers can support their employees at such a huge transitional time.


Motherhood should be a story which has a better first chapter for us all.

Let's continue to help one another make a difference where we can.

Warmest wishes,


Serena Williams

Founder of bump & glide