Modern Office


bump & glide sessions enhance what companies offer in terms employee benefits by accompanying individuals and employers during what can be a challenging period.


The 'tool kits' also provide crucial support to protect women's physical, mental and emotional wellbeing throughout pregnancy, maternity leave and the return to work. 

Courses & sessions for

individuals & organisations 

- The Premium Tool kit - 12 month support

- The Perinatal Tool kit - 12 month support

- The Postnatal Tool kit - 8 month support

- Birth preparation - over 1 month

- Refresher birth preparation - over 2 weeks

- Postnatal planning sessions - over 1 week

- Stand-alone pre or postnatal sessions

- A 1hr session pre or postnatally

The requirements of each individual and each business  are discussed in great depth and Serena Williams creates a bespoke package to suit every person and every business.