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bump & glide further supports and enhances what companies have in place in terms of policies and employee benefits around the perinatal period, by sensitively creating sessions for businesses and budgets of all sizes. 


The 'tool kits' also provide invaluable support to protect women's physical, mental and emotional wellbeing throughout pregnancy, maternity leave and their return to work leaving them feeling more confident and more valued and in a more focused and productive frame of mind, after becoming a parent. 


- The 'Whole Journey' Tool kit - 12-18 month support

- The 'Core Journey' Tool kit - 12-18 month support

- The 'Postnatal Journey' Tool kit - 8-12 month support

- The 'Leave Journey' Tool kit - 6-12 months support

- Birth preparation - over 1 month

- Refresher birth preparation - over 2 weeks

- Postnatal planning - over 1 week

- Maternity Mentoring & Mental Health sessions

- Employer support sessions

- Stand-alone pre or postnatal sessions

- Line Manager Training 

- Business wellbeing health check consultation

The requirements of each business, and each individual, are discussed in great depth. 

bump & glide creates bespoke sessions and packages to suit the culture and values of each business and the needs of each individual.

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