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bump & glide was created to fill the gap in communication and wellbeing support that people receive around the perinatal time. The below are testament to the passion and work that goes into that support.

Everything made perfect sense. Her tone, clarity, and follow up communications show her passion and dedication for delivering a first class experience. As new parents we feel knowledgeable, well-prepared, and excited for the journey ahead. We are so pleased to have shared this important time with Serena.


Communication & Engagement Manager 
I highly recommend Serena, the whole course from start to finish was really well structured, clear and enjoyable. Above the course content, working with Serena was fantastic, we were able to talk about any concerns and questions throughout. Serena is so personable, empathetic, knowledgeable and kind. She goes the extra mile to help you feel supported and to explain things.

Events & Marketing Producer 
I highly recommend Serena! I found the sessions around hypnobirthing so interesting and informative and it put my mind at ease and made me feel confident.

Serena was incredibly supportive and gave me lots of information. Thank you Serena for everything you are incredible!


She is kind, caring, compassionate and I feel like I have known her forever. I would now consider Serena a friend. Her course was expertly taught in a personal way and I could not be more grateful for Serena. My only negative was when the course finished! I enjoyed our sessions so much and was not ready for them to end. Thank you Serena for everything.



Customer Service Executive 

You have changed our whole way of thinking and we are using little tips from your course daily at the moment. I think it has also helped me more with my general anxiety. We cannot thank you enough. 

With the hypnobirthing techniques, I am able to rationalise and calm myself quite quickly. I dread to think what I would have been like without doing it! 



Deputy Head Teacher

I was struggling to feel positive and confident about birth. Serena was great at taking the time to understand our pregnancy journey and what we needed from her and she sensitively tailored the course to meet my needs. It's helped me to feel much more confident and relaxed about the birth.

My husband also really enjoyed the sessions and was pleased to have strategies to help support me. Highly recommended.




I would highly recommend Serena! Through the sessions and many discussions, she has helped myself and my husband feel at ease about the future. She’s even made us feel excited for our baby’s birth!

Serena was great at listening to us. I felt like we could say and ask anything, knowing that nothing was being judged. She goes the extra mile to make you feel special and her personal touches are great.



Primary School Teacher

Serena has a very calming presence and I found the information she gave my husband and I very factual and reassuring, especially when she drew on her own experiences.

I cannot recommend Serena highly enough. She is incredibly kind and caring and passionate about the work she does. She empowers couples to understand their options even when things aren’t necessarily straightforward. I am really glad we found her!



Process Planner

I would highly recommend this course, I felt fully prepared! Serena is such a lovely and caring woman! I am quite an anxious person but my husband was able to keep calm using the techniques and what we learnt and I was able to stay in control!

I was also able to stay in contact with Serena through WhatsApp so when we finished the course, I could still ask her questions if anything came up. I would thoroughly recommend doing this!!!!


Primary School Teacher

It really helped us having someone to talk to, especially with Covid conditions and not being around other people much. It has given us confidence to ask questions and also a structure to help me decide what to research. I greatly appreciated (and still do) that it wasn't about trying to push a particular approach to birth but to encourage us to decide for ourselves from the evidence. I'm (we're both) really glad we did your course. 


Software Engineer

bump & glide's course was the best for me as it gave me the opportunity to talk freely about how I was feeling each week, about the different topics, learning to understand them better, and deciding what I wanted, enabling me to be more prepared for birth mentally.

After each session, Serena provided further information as appropriate. My birth experience was calm and positive and very different to the negative stories I had heard.



I.T Change Analyst

Serena was fantastic, she made what could potentially be awkward things to talk about easy and relaxed. Serena is such a lovely, calm and friendly character, my husband and I really enjoyed the sessions and they really made us both feel more relaxed and prepared. We were sad when the course finished and feel that we made a friend in Serena. I can’t recommend highly enough she is brilliant! 


Interior Designer

It was really nice to have the 1:1 course with you and it felt far more like a chat than being presented information in a rigid structure. You brought ideas and topics to us in a structured way that allowed us to get into a subject easily without being overwhelmed. I didn't really know what to expect from the course but I now understand the whole process and all the options, and how that involved me (the birth partner) - and everything you need to think about before, during, and after. 


Software Engineer

Your training massively helped and we think it would have been a different outcome without it.

I really am so grateful to have met you and had all your help with our journey.

Interior Designer

Firstly, Serena is Amazing! She is so calm and relaxed, open and honest and is genuinely there to support you. She is not judgemental and is open to any opinion you may have and quite equally, happy to discuss through them. The way Serena relayed and presented the information was very clear and concise. The sessions were so much fun and Serena made us feel very comfortable. What we had learned through Serena helped us stay calm and positive.

Maintenance Supervisor 

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