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We are currently physically protecting ourselves, and others, by staying home.

However, what are we doing to protect our minds in these challenging times? For your own wellbeing, don’t let your mind stay home!

Let your mind run wild and free! Think back to that dream holiday, your wedding day, a milestone birthday celebration, the party you’re going to host when this madness passes, to the friends and family you’ll give a huge hug to! Make a list of all the things that make you smile from ear to ear, that make your shoulders drop and your heart sing and put them together on a mood board, or write them on pieces of paper and place them in a jar (A lovely idea that I’ve heard from one of my sisters and a local business 'Bump & Boo Events' recently.

Think ahead, focus on what you will do after this is all over then feel that smile start to make the sides of your mouth twitch.

Something I recently spoke about with one of my couples, is what you can take to your place of birth, if you’re not planning / can’t have a home birth. You want to keep your mind in that oxytocin fuelled space of love, support and excitement. You’ll want to remain in your parasympathetic system. Take your happy place and items with you wherever you go!

Yes, this experience, unlike anything we’ve been through before, is tough. Fact. But let’s not let Covid-19 force our minds into a ‘lock-down’ too.

I have good days. I have more stressful days. Who doesn’t? It’s how much energy and focus we can harness on those good days that will carry us through the not so good ones though right?!

📸 :@phillwilliamsco - May 2018

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