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The female anatomy in 3D!

Earlier this week we heard about a new digital 3D tool which will enable medical students to better understand the female body. It was launched earlier this year, after 4 years in the making... and it looks, and sounds incredible!

Yesterday I listened to Professor Claire Smith on BBC Radio 4's Woman's Hour with Emma Barnett explain it all in a bit more detail and wanted to share what I took away from the conversation, as I found it absolutely fascinating and equally crazy, that we'd not considered this before 2022?!

Claire explained that:

"Historically, we learned anatomy by dissecting male executed prisoners and that’s how textbooks were generated, and those images and how that’s represented have stayed, so there is a lot of underrepresented female anatomy in medical text."

"50% of patients are going to be biologically female and we need to really make sure that our future healthcare practitioners truly understand what the body is and how to examine it."

Claire went on to explain how the female body is so different including that a woman's hip bones enables our pelvis to be slightly wider and that a woman's pelvis is orientated to be particularly geared up towards childbirth... I would love to be in one of the medical student's classes right now to learn more, wouldn't you?!

In the short film on the BBC News link below, Claire also states that:

"It’s amazing to see all the really intricate detail of the female pelvis. So it’s not just a uterus stuck into a male pelvis, it’s completely designed with all of the female form.

Absolutely! Females are not just males with added parts, they're actually very well designed as they are!

This is such an exciting step in the right direction for women's health going forward. Just brilliant!

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