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If you have just become a mother, or it's your second, third time or if you have been a mother for a good few years already, chances are you've noticed that you've changed. Not just in the sleep deprived fog state way, but emotionally, mentally and physically...

bump & glide will be organising monthly talks with experts in various fields, from pilates, nutrition, breastfeeding and women's health physios to personal styling & body image, personal training and even bra fitting with many more to follow! 

If you feel like you must be the only person experiencing what you're going through, at whatever level that may be. Let these experts reassure you that you're not! Getting together with like-minded women, all interested in the same thing, all wanting to know more and help themselves in the process, can be both reassuring AND empowering.*

Coming soon!

*Information on upcoming speakers, dates and venues will be shared shortly. Follow bump & glide on Facebook and/or Instagram for the most up-to-date information. 

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