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Do you like to have a plan or to go with the flow? Neither is right, or wrong, both have their pros and cons. Put simply, planning is more a brain function, setting up a process of actions to reach a goal. Going with the flow is more about instinct, trusting your gut feeling and seeing where it takes you. However, nowadays, we’re quicker to type something into a search engine to understand how we’re feeling, instead of listening to our gut feeling. I’ve often organised large-scale events, and at times, for my own peace of mind, I had to remind myself that guests never knew what the plan was, so as long as things ‘were going to plan’ in their minds - and I wasn’t losing my own - that’s what mattered! If you’re expecting a baby for example, you may be asked to draw up a ‘birth plan’. It’s a wonderful exercise, to find out what your options are and know what’s available. However, it should really be referred to as ‘birth preferences’ as nobody can ‘plan’ a birth! There will always be one person who never gets their hands on the ‘plan’ and that’s your baby! Hypnobirthing teaches you how to trust your body, and work with it, not against it, so that your birth experience is as positive for you, your partner and your baby, as it can be. Ever heard of the dutch pelvis? It demonstrates in a simple way how a baby has to twist and turn in order to be born. It’s also a good representation of life, there are lots of twists and turns in order to reach various goals so we should aim to enjoy the whole journey! So, whilst I’m a fan of a good plan, I also believe it’s good, and needed, to leave some things to unfold naturally and see what happens, some unplanned things in life can be pretty awesome!

Every now and then, why not ‘plan to go with the flow’!

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