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An exceptional 3 months in the U.K.

Nobody could have foreseen this was going to happen to us all right now (Well apart from Bill Gates...) and so suddenly, but it has, and for now there is a fair amount which is out of our hands.

However, what we CAN do is continue to prepare for something that is, and should remain, one of THE most memorable events in our lives, that of giving birth to our baby/babies, right?!

So, at a time when so many are facing sudden financial challenges, I'll be offering spaces on my group courses until the end of June at a reduced rate of £120 per couple.

What does a group course via video link include?

  • 4 sessions via video call with me directly

  • 1 Katharine Graves Hypnobirthing book

  • 1 parent folder with information and ressources to use and practice with at home (electronic version)

  • Contact with me directly until the birth of your baby/babies (via email & WhatsApp)

  • Relaxations at every session.

Below are a number of the key things I'll be covering in each session:

Session 1: The logic of KG Hypnobirthing

Hypnotherapy or the power of words, relaxation scripts, the iceberg analogy, the muscles of the uterus, the two key nervous systems to be aware of during labour and birth.

Session 2: Techniques

Up breathing and down breathing, relaxations, positions for birth, c-section, the pelvic floor and the perineal massage.

Session 3: Before birth

'Due dates', sweeps, induction, natural induction, importance of the birth partner, onset of labour.

Session 4: The birth

Place of birth options, drug options, early labour, vaginal examinations, the 3 stages of labour and the golden hour, relaxation scripts

Being a Mental Health First Aider and passionate about the postnatal period, I’ll bring up a number of essential things which will help parents in those early days, weeks and months too.

My upbeat, positive and passionate nature, along with the wonderful KGH Hypnobirthing relaxations (included in each session), will be sure to calm and relax even the most agitated of minds.

Please take a look at the 'prices & contact' tab for dates and times of the courses and do share with anyone you know, anywhere in the U.K, who is expecting and would like to prepare for a positive birth experience! 

Please take good care of yourselves and one another.

Serena x

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