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“Awareness is the greatest agent for change.” - Eckhart Tolle

This week for Mental Health Awareness Week (18th-24th May) I’m listing some words that you may find helpful to think about if you, or someone you know, is struggling right now.

A 💚 Ask for help if you need it.

W 💚 Walk outside in the fresh air when possible.

A 💚 Assertiveness, express your needs while respecting others.

R 💚 Rest, when you feel like your tank is empty, stop, rest, reset then start afresh.

E 💚 Eat, try and eat as balanced diet as you can despite sleep deprivation.

N 💚 No. Say no every now and again, toddlers do this regularly, and benefit from it!

E 💚 Emotions, try and accept the emotions you’re feeling. One emotion ends and leaves room for the next.

S 💚 Struggle. Speak up, speak about your struggles, you’ll very often find you’re not alone.

S 💚 Support. Support is out there, despite not always being apparent.

I’ve found these past few days tough for one reason or another and I’ve needed to remind myself of a few of these points too.

If you need to talk, please talk.

If you need to be heard, please talk.

If you need to feel less alone, please talk.

Talk to a loved one, talked to a complete stranger but please do talk.

The more we all talk and share with each other, the less alone we’ll all feel.

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