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Birth partners

Updated: Aug 12, 2020

Birth partners aren’t only important to your overall experience of birth but also throughout pregnancy and in the days, weeks, months and years that follow the arrival of your baby! If your birth partner isn’t your life partner, chances are they’re someone who is a big part of your life and having them support you at this incredible time is priceless.

What can a birth partner do? How can they support a mother-to-be in the best possible way? Here are a few ideas taken from KG Hypnobirthing:

* Protect Mum’s space and ensure nobody disturbs her calm & relaxed state.

* Be present rather than doing things

* Play relaxations and or music in the birth room

* Gentle back stroking (Mum may or may not want this… she’ll let you know!)

* Offer sips of water from time to time

* Have snacks readily available

Above all, the most important thing Mum needs, is to know that her birth partner is there, supporting her every step of the way of this incredible journey to the birth of her baby, and to the birth of her as a mother.

My full birth preparation course covers the birth partner’s important role in more detail as well as so many other aspects of labour, birth and the days and weeks that follow. Why leave the most important experience of your life to chance? The more you know, the more confident and relaxed you’ll be when your baby’s birth day arrives!

If you’ve already had your baby, what did your birth partner do which helped you during labour and in the hours that followed? 📸: My birth partner, and life partner,@phillwilliamscowith our daughter who was born at The New Forest Birth Centre ❤️#birthpartner#birth#pregnancy#baby#newborn#20weeks#support#mothertobe#kgh#hypnobirthing#kghypnobirthing#calm#relaxed#bepresent#mumtobe#mum#birthofamother#birthpreparation#antenataleducation#labour#confident#goldenhour#fourthtrimester#perinatalsupport#prenatal#postnatal#postpartum#birtheducation#knowledgeipower#birthwithoutfear

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