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Birth preparation by video call!

I would like to reassure all parents-to-be, throughout the U.K, that if you had planned to attend a birth preparation course and now find yourselves unable to go due to self-isolation or any other reason, my birth preparation course can now be done with me directly by video call from the comfort of your own home.

A bump & glide birth preparation course using KG Hypnobirthing is based on facts, research and irrefutable logic, giving you the knowledge you need to be in control of your experience.

Don’t let the Coronavirus take away the joy and excitement of preparing to welcome your baby into the world!

My upbeat, positive and passionate nature, along with the wonderful KGH Hypnobirthing relaxations (included in each session), will be sure to calm and relax even the most agitated of minds.

Please get in touch to find out more and do share with anyone you know who is expecting and would like to prepare for a positive birth experience!

Thank you,

Serena x

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