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You’ve heard of that saying ‘Go with your gut’ but when there’s more to it than your gut, then what..?

Throughout our lives we make decisions, some big, some small and often without giving them toooooo much thought... shall I have that piece of cake or not type of decisions..! Then we have children and none of our decisions are ever small again! Years ago, I would make decisions a lot faster than I do nowadays and after asking myself why this was, it didn’t take me long to figure out why.

The answer? The people I love.

Nowadays the decisions I make not only affect my journey but they also affect those around me and those who are on this crazy journey of life by my side. Whether they affect people positively or negatively the fact is they affect others. Pregnancy, labour, birth and all the years that follow... as parents we’re asked to make a great number of decisions and that’s ok, that’s how life works but what I would say is arm yourself with facts, with knowledge, with experience when possible, because without all these elements you may well listen to your gut, but you’ll be ignoring your head and your heart which, in my mind are just as important for those big life decisions!

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Sep 22, 2021

Greaat reading your blog

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