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Relationships week 2020

What better time to share what a mother-to-be said to me this week after completing my birth preparation course...

“I didn’t expect the course to bring us closer together, I knew that we could feel positively towards the birth but I didn’t realise it would positively impact our relationship”.

A bump & glide birth preparation course is for both the mother-to-be AND her birth partner because they’re a team - from Day 1 - they should receive the same knowledge so that they can make informed decisions, together, throughout labour and birth.

There is an increased amount of pressure on parents-to-be to be doing everything ‘perfectly’ and ‘in time’ for the arrival of baby, this can put pressure on relationships at a time when communication and understanding of what each other is feeling should be a priority. Take things one step at a time and don’t worry if the blanket you wanted, the mobile for above the cot or the matching baby outfit and hat haven’t arrived yet.. baby won’t hold this against you :) How you’re feeling on the day of your baby’s birth will be so much more important. To you, and to your baby.

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