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Today, Stevie Wonder celebrates his 70th birthday and that man has rhythm!

Something else that has rhythm is labour. Just like rhythm in music, is a pattern of sounds of different lengths, labour is a pattern of surges, and stages, of different lengths!

Mothers also find their own rhythm in labour when they feel safe, unobserved and confident in their body’s ability to give birth. What can hinder this wonderful rhythmic nature of labour and birth is often unwanted noise, interruptions and fear.

When we understand how labour and birth work and how to work with our bodies to let them get on with what they are designed to do, labour progresses well and the whole experience can be positive and empowering.

If Stevie Wonder got constantly interrupted I’m quite sure his music would be quite different to what we hear today. The same principle applies to labour, the more interruptions, the more labour slow right down before picking up again…

Here are a few key things you can do to get into, and remain, in your own rhythm for labour:

• Keep noise around you to a minimum.

• Ask for all questions to be directed to your birth partner.

• Trust your body and trust your baby.

• Believe in yourself!

• Focus on your breathing and remaining calm, relaxed and confident… • Avoid bright lights.

• Play some calming, relaxing music or relaxation tracks.

• If you’ve practised hypnobirthing, mention that you’re hypnobirthing parents!

If labour were a piece of music, I wonder what rhythm it would have…?! If you’re already a parent, did you have any music playing during labour, and if so what was it? (Please comment below if you’d like to, it may help another expectant parent looking for inspiration!)

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