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Whatever you do today, take some time for yourself, whether it’s a 5 min daydream surrounded by your children or a 5 hour excursion on your own!

Look after your mental health like you would your physical health.. if you break a bone you give it time to repair and recover. So when you’re feeling overwhelmed, why not treat it like a broken bone and give your mind time to recuperate.. returning to your day-to-day feeling refreshed.

This morning I headed to the beach with my two chatterboxes before the weekend hoards arrived. They played together collecting stones and shells while I took in the view and the fresh sea air... we then did a beach clean together which made us all feel good as every bit of plastic and rubbish we find makes us think we’re saving a sea creature somewhere 🌍❤️

Whatever you do today do it for you ❤️

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