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What worries you? Do you keep it all in or do you talk about your worries with a partner, friend or relative? Do you use art therapy or some other form of therapy? On the two-day @mhfaengland programme I was on recently, we were asked to do an exercise which involved writing any worries we had on our mind into what they called a ‘stress container’. We then asked ourselves what we could change and what we couldn’t change and had to accept, then thought about what and who could help us deal with these worries. What we took away from this exercise, and most of the course, is that there is always support out there in some shape or form but we need to find the confidence and courage to seek it out and ask for it. If you're struggling to shift a specific concern, look at things you can do to help you cope and/or people to talk to who will listen to you - non judgementally - and who will signpost you to the right support. We all have worries. However, like all feelings they are hugely personal to each and every one of us. My worries may not hold the same weight as yours do to you but they impact me, so I try and look at how to turn them into challenges I have control over rather than worries that control me.

If you’re expecting and other peoples stories about childbirth are affecting you and making you worried please look into a birth preparation course using hypnobirthing techniques. The more informed you are, the more in control you will feel and the more you’ll push those worries away and replace them with confidence! I’m sure even Superman worried about something…!

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