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Effective communication and a 360º approach, during the pivotal time of becoming a parent, is at the heart of bump & glide.

There is a wealth of information and support on how to care for babies, but nowhere near enough on how to support women, at this life-changing time in both their lives, and careers.

People benefit from having knowledge, support and a feeling of being in control at every stage of this exciting, and sometimes daunting, journey.


Thanks to expertly structured sessions, we provide both individuals and organisations with the support structure and transition development plan they need, enabling a smoother and more productive journey for all involved. 

Every woman deserves this standard level of care.

Every organisation should have the tools to support their staff effectively.


"Today, not only does our culture not offer any practical support to new mothers, but it also puts immense pressure on them to 'get on with it' which can lead to feelings of guilt, shame and inadequacy."

Sophie Messager

Why Postnatal Recovery Matters

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