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Knowledge, support and confidence are three key aspects of a fulfilled and productive life. 


It's no secret that the recruitment, retention and wellbeing of people is vitally important for an organisation's productivity as well as for our overall economy, not to mention the fact that a happy workforce makes for a happier and more productive working environment. 


By offering comprehensive communication and wellbeing support sessions at such a pivotal time  in a woman’s career, bump & glide Ltd provide women and businesses with the communication channels, wellbeing guidance and structure they need to tackle issues as they arise, rather than picking up the pieces, once it’s too late. 


Thanks to bump & glide Ltd sessions over the challenging time of pregnancy, maternity leave and the return to work, women are in a stronger mental and emotional frame of mind and organisations have a sure way of enhancing, strengthening and securing their overall talent pipeline by retaining key female staff and providing their teams with the knowledge of this time of huge transition.


"Today, not only does our culture not offer any practical support to new mothers, but it also puts immense pressure on them to 'get on with it' which can lead to feelings of guilt, shame and inadequacy."

Sophie Messager

Why Postnatal Recovery Matters

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