My ethos

At bump  &  glide, mothers are at the heart of everything I do.

There is a wealth of information on how to care for babies, but nowhere near enough on how to care for mothers, at this life-changing time in both their lives, and careers.

Women and employers need knowledge, support and to feel in control in order to have the confidence to make informed decisions at every stage of this exciting, and sometimes daunting, journey.


My aim, through bump & glide sessions, is to provide individuals and companies alike with the information needed to successfully steer women towards, and beyond, both the birth of their baby/babies, and the birth of them as mothers.

About me

My name is Serena Williams, mother of two, Communications professional, Mental Health First Aider and KG Hypnobirthing teacher living in the New Forest, Hampshire, UK.


My mission is to help women

and employers have a much smoother transition into motherhood, maternity and work. 

"Today, not only does our culture not offer any practical support to new mothers, but it also puts immense pressure on them to 'get on with it' which can lead to feelings of guilt, shame and inadequacy."

Sophie Messager

Why Postnatal Recovery Matters