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Our 5 year old is currently asking a lot of questions, often while I try to navigate the school run traffic involving cows, horses and donkeys that casually meander along the middle of the road in our neck of the woods!

Here are a few of the questions he asked today…

💧 “How does a tap work?”

⛅️ “How does that sun get through those clouds?”

👱🏼‍♀️”Why is her name Jill?”

And one of my favourites… ✏️”How do pencils work when they draw?” (He giggled when I replied: “What do you mean, have you actually SEEN a pencil drawing in mid-air without someone holding it?!)

He understands if we’re making an answer up and expects to get a truthful, factual, evidence based answer.. Why wouldn’t he, right?!

Expectant and new parents can be asked a whole host of questions by their care providers in the perinatal period and it’s unfair to expect them to know all the answers if they have no idea what the subject is all about, right?!

That’s where my bump & glide course comes in. Once you’ve completed the course you’ll have so much more knowledge about labour, birth and the immediate postnatal period so that you’re not rummaging through countless articles, books, web pages and your phone whenever anyone asks you to make a decision!

You’ll feel confident and ready to answer questions like:

“Shall I arrange a sweep for next week then a date for an induction, just so it’s booked in?”

“Do you want to give your baby Vitamin K?”

“Where do you want to have your baby, in hospital, at home or in a MLU? Why there?”

“Do you want me to give your baby a bottle of formula while you get some rest?” (If you’re breastfeeding)

And also, more confident to ask your own questions too.

Ask, ask and ask again, until you’re happy with the answer provided.

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