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We still can’t physically embrace as many people as we did this time last year which can be quite tough, especially when you’re dying to give someone a big squeeze!

So in the absence of physical embraces I’ve decided to embrace all the emotions which have been whirling around me over the past weeks... my birthday, our wedding anniversary, our eldest’s birthday, a final week of nursery for both children together and a ‘big school’ starter in a couple of weeks... all these events have thrown up a rollercoaster of emotions! Instead of putting the ones that give me goosebumps or make me feel apprehensive or tearful to the back of my mind, I’ve decided to embrace every single one and understand why I’m feeling them.

This morning I dropped my children off for the start of their final few days together at nursery... I’m so excited for what lies ahead for both of them as I just know they’ll continue to grow in separate settings, forming new friendships and learning new things every day, but there was a part of me that felt a ‘gulp’ of oh my goodness this is actually quite a milestone!

Every day of our lives, emotions swirl around. If you’re feeling emotional about something right now, take a moment to recognise what you’re feeling, and why. Accept and acknowledge that feeling.. then carry on.

The more we understand and accept what we’re feeling, the better we deal with similar feelings in the future!

All feelings are valid, the ones that make us laugh, as well as the ones that make us cry...

Sending a ‘socially distanced’ hug in case you need one today 😉

“Great things never came from comfort zones.” - unknown

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