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Letters & Words

When my husband and I moved into a new flat together years ago, we helped the owner clear the belongings of the elderly lady who had lived there before us. Her family had come to take what they wanted to keep and had left the rest for us to dispose of, or give to charity. Amongst what was left behind was the most beautiful letter, inside an opened envelope which read: “A leap year proposal”. Knowing how much of a letter and ‘snail mail’ geek I am, the owner allowed me to keep it. This week I was listening to @jowhiley

on BBC Radio 2 and heard @shaunusher talking about the wonderful @lettersofnote. This letter, written in the 1908 leap year, deserves to be cherished. I’m so pleased we found it instead of it ending up in a skip. The heartfelt words it contains should live on forever. Words have so much power and can make us feel a specific emotion in a split second…The words this letter contains such as ‘happiness’, ‘I love you’, ‘affection’, ‘greatly in love with you’, are all words which, I hope, must have touched the heart of the man, for whom they were intended, so intensely. If you’re around a pregnant woman, a woman in labour or a new mum - anyone else for that matter - think about the words you use. Every word we use is full of impact, especially for someone who is emotional, tired and trying their best day in, day out. Words matter, use them wisely.

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