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How do you feel about light? What type of light do you find relaxing? What kind of light makes you feel upbeat? Does the light, or lack of, affect your mood? With the arrival of autumnal days, the clocks going back and a fair amount of grey cloudy days recently, we’ve not had a big fix of that summery, sunny light in our days have we..? However, let’s not forget that we’re surrounded by light in so many other forms… • Lights from fireworks (The noise isn’t always as welcome though!)

• The light from a candle

• The calming light at dusk, as the sun slowly disappears, to make way for a starry sky… • The glow on the horizon as the morning sun emerges from its sleep

• The rays of sunshine - like today - that bounce off anything they touch, sometimes blinding us, but always sharing their warmth • The night light in a children’s bedroom which reassures them should they wake • The bright work lamp which shows how much house renovations are coming along! • The bright colourful light of a rainbow, a beautiful partnership between raindrops and sunrays

• Someones smiles or laughter which light up your heart… This time of year, our mood can be greatly affected by the lack of sunshine, shorter days and cold. This we know. What we don’t always know is how to deal with it on a daily basis.. Look to the small things that make you smile in the absence of spending 2 weeks on a white sandy beach soaking up the glorious rays of sunshine!

Do share any hints or tips in the comments below, you’ll be helping others manage a time of year that isn’t easy for everyone. Look out for one another and seek help if you think you need an additional helping hand.

“Light is to darkness what love is to fear; in the presence of one, the other disappears.” - Marianne Williamson

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