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Little things...

When you think about what makes you happy, as in really truly happy, what comes to mind?

Different things make us happy at different times in our lives, the things I wanted 10 or 15 years ago which would make me smile from ear to ear, are no longer the same things which would make me so happy today.


How can what appear to be small gradual changes make such a big difference?

Perspective? Priorities? Other people?… Life?

When we grow physically, mentally and emotionally, we change. Inevitably. We gain perspective, we realise that those big things that mattered to us so much just don’t have the same importance further down the line, when actually it’s all the little things which mean so much more.

At the moment, our focus (pregnant or not) needs to be on all the little things that make us smile, that reassure us, that calm our anxiety, bringing us back to where our bodies and minds need to be in order to function properly for ourselves and for those around us.

If you’re pregnant, things change by the day for you - you’re growing another human after all! - but when everything else is also changing daily / weekly in terms of your place of birth, your support network etc, life can start to feel a bit hectic.. However, the knowledge you acquire, and the techniques you learn on a hypnobirthing course, give you the tools to go into labour and birth informed and excited instead of afraid and worried.

Much like people find meditation, breathing and relaxation exercises, yoga or a number of other things helpful, hypnobirthing definitely helps expectant parents have one less thing to carry around in their heavy mental load right now.

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