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How are you feeling right now?

Whether emotionally, mentally, physically, financially or all of the above, we can sometimes feel like we’re on a rollercoaster ride at different times in our lives. We’re all on the same rollercoaster ride at the moment, however we’re all experiencing it very differently. Some people find it easy to talk about how they’re feeling and some people don’t. There’s no right or wrong in this regard, do what works for you.

Wikipedia translates a rollercoaster as “a form of railroad track designed with tight turns, steep slopes and sometimes inversions!” Doesn’t that sum up parenthood as well?!

Couples I’ve been speaking with, and teaching, in recent weeks have mentioned how they often feel that some days ‘just work’, some days they struggle to put words on how they’re feeling, some days feel a bit like that film ‘Groundhog Day’ and some days they get to the evening and take stock of what worked, what didn’t, then head to bed to catch-up on some well deserved sleep before a new day in the morning.

Whatever you’re feeling right now, if you need to take a break, have a dance, a laugh, a cry or a rant.. call a friend, head outside for a wander in the garden, whatever works to calm your mind then start again.

Parenting can be challenging at times and with not as much in-person support, playgroups or get togethers at the moment, please don’t be afraid to pick up a phone or invite someone to have a cuppa on your doorstep (2m away!) for that boost of support every now and again.

I’m always here to offer non-judgemental listening, enjoy a cuppa and/or offer support.

❤️ You’re not alone ❤️

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