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Almost a decade ago now, during a meeting I had with other female colleagues we took part in an activity called ‘In her shoes’, during which we had to think about the challenges our co-workers faced in their day-to-day jobs, and how best to support them, by imagining we were in ‘their shoes’.

This came to mind recently, as it applies to us all when we hear of a family member, friend, relative, colleague or someone in our community who has just given birth. What do they actually need at such a pivotal time in their life? Will a baby book cut it or would a home-cooked stew and a chat over a cup of tea be more needed and appreciated…?

Before heading out to buy THE cutest baby socks, shoes, baby outfits, blankets, muslins or toys (I know they really are cute!) Stop for a moment and think about what the new mum may actually need. Her baby/babies genuinely don’t care what colour their muslins are, how many bunny toys are on their shelves or mobiles are hanging in their room. However, the new Mum could definitely do with certain items and thoughtful gifts of your time, nutritious food and warmth, the kind which aren’t blanketed across the pages of Mother and Baby magazines, but that will make a substantial difference to the early weeks of motherhood.

I will be including more information about all of this in my new course coming soon…

Watch this space and tell all your pregnant friends… giving birth is simply the beginning!

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