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It's an employee world right now!

This isn't the first time in recent months that I've read an article confirming that it is very much an employee world right now.

Potential candidates are increasingly looking beyond the salary and standard healthcare & pension package. They are looking at what companies are offering in terms of additional wellbeing benefits, flexibility options and fertility & parental policies.

This piece by Dominic Bernard in HR magazine this month provides some interesting statistics and key information...

'More than a third (36%) of employers expect vacant positions to stay unfilled for three to six months, according to new research from consultancy Howden Employee Benefits & Wellbeing.'

'Employers desperate to return to maximum output quickly will need to focus on securing the right candidate from the outset, to minimise these expensive time drags in the recruitment process.'

'Retention is far easier than recruitment, and avoids the damage to productivity, reduces any new training required, and of course removes all the additional time and monetary cost associated with recruitment.'

So how can companies attract, engage and retain the right talent in these ongoing challenging times? How can they adapt to this changing landscape? Reviewing, enhancing and updating existing HR policies with employee's wellbeing at the forefront is a great place to start.

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