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The first Mums Retreat!

The first Mums Retreat… featuring bump & glide!

Yesterday, 21st September, I was thrilled to be a part of the first Mums Retreat at Gambledown Farm with bump & glide, hosted by the lovely Katie and Kirsty - and their little ones!

It was a wonderful space and and a lovely setting to carry out my talk around the vast subject that is Motherhood.

As with all my talks, this one was bespoke and tailored to those in the room, and I have to say it was emotional and I felt emotional … in a releasing kind of way. When you bring Mothers together in a safe environment, impactful and empowering conversations happen and yesterday was one of those moments… The conversations were raw, ‘unfiltered’ and real. Everyone opened up in the safe space, and there was a mutual understanding that every mother navigates their journey in their own way, and in their own time when they are given the space to do so.

Every single individual in the room is currently on their own unique journey and at different stages of their motherhood experience, but navigating similar areas of tension, challenges, joy and thoughts. It was an incredible feeling and a privilege to be a part of.

Mothers need guidance not advice, compassion not judgment, space and time, not to be in a rush. There is a rhythm to life, there is a rhythm to labour & birth, so why then do we not realise, and respect, that there is a rhythm to becoming a mother… and to being a mother in the weeks, months and years after birth?

Many words were used to describe motherhood yesterday and my final words for yesterday, and always, for Mothers would be: Continue to share with each other, continue to talk about your experiences with one another, with Mums of a week old baby to Mums with a 50+ yr old! Every Mum’s experience is amazing to hear about, learn from and share in.

Talk, Listen and Share, it makes such a huge difference during such a huge transition.

If you would like me to run a similar talk for a group of friends, at an event, in your place of work, I’m happy to discuss this further and tailor a talk accordingly.

Thank you,

Serena x

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