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We are faced with so many sources of information, opinions and advice. However, when all you really need is factual, evidence based data and research, all this additional ‘noise’ can become confusing, conflicting or even damaging. Why can all this be a problem? Fear. Fear is the problem. Fear puts us in our sympathetic nervous system, our fight or flight response where we produce adrenaline, our heart can start to race, our breathing starts to get faster. We can start to feel a bit out of control, worried, our mind starts thinking about all the ‘what if’s’. Whether you’re preparing for a new arrival, getting through those sleep deprived early days and weeks with a newborn or simply getting through your day, your fight or flight response won’t give you the most effective tools to manage each situation… Don’t believe everything you hear or read, look at the facts then make your own informed decisions. Whether we’re talking about labour and childbirth or any other big, impactful event in your life, you deserve the facts!

In a recent interview, a reporter asked Liverpool Football Manager Jürgen Norbert Klopp what he thought about the Coronavirus... His answer was brilliant and how we should think about any important question we’re asking ourselves… ask the right people in every situation:

“Look, what I don’t like in life is that a very serious thing, a football manager’s opinion is important.. I don’t understand that. It’s not important what famous people say. We have to speak about things in the right manner. Not people with no knowledge like me talking about something. People with knowledge will talk about it and tell the people do this, do that and everything will be fine, or not. Not football Managers, I don’t understand that. Politics, Coronavirus, why me? I wear a baseball cap and have a bad shave!”


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